Staying outside the diamond …

Here are a few more creative avenues for aspiring actober filmmakers to consider ? 

  • News
    What better way to recreate
    history than with the pictures that captured it all?
  • Cardboard
    /posters: Tell a life-sized story with the
    early ancestors of the Fathead.
  • Theater: Stage a
    one-act play or musical with actors ? or sock puppets — knee-high sock
  • Art: Sketch or paint a picture of your
    favorite actober Moment.

The possibilities are as boundless
as the memories of October. Keep an open mind, and you could be headed to the
Fall Classic. Until tomorrow …


Like the ideas a lot. One idea that my friends and I had was to take Aaron Boone’s HR, and have the ball strike a bird on the way out, then fall back into Manny Ramirez’s glove. We’re trying to figure out the best way to piece this together now.

These commercials you are running WERE great–the first few dozen times! Now they are getting very tiresome. . .have you considered changing them before you run all the serious fans off?

Same Old Stuff don’t work


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