Ace your history test

With Contest 2 winding down and Contest 3 in full swing, it?s time to get working on your
recreation. If you?re stuck on where to start, here are a few ideas that could get the wheels
spinning ?

  • Make
    There?s almost
    no way to do a poor job reenacting Babe Ruth?s called shot, since no clear video
    of it exists. You can decide exactly how it really
  • Rewrite history:
    What would have happened if Don
    Denkinger had made a different call at first? Cardinals fans, here?s your chance
    to show us
  • Make a
    If Jeffrey Maier were an Orioles
    fan instead of a Yankees fan, what would have happened to Jeter?s infamous fly
    to right?

Until next time

1 Comment

I wish to attempt to describe how i believe Babe Ruth’s “Called Shot” really looked, but am not sure how to do so. Please respond to this comment.

Thank you,

Mr. Gail B. Ott

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